Project WIN

Water Internet Needs

The purpose of Project WIN is to create a process that better equips our county to collect and maintain information about the waterline and internet needs across our community. In the future, Project WIN can be expanded to include information about other infrastructure needs in our area.

The information collected through Project WIN will enable us to better communicate our waterline and internet needs to providers, as well as provide vital information needed to apply for grants.

The ultimate goal of Project WIN is to help us win more grants so that our citizens may have better access to water and internet creating as many win-WIN situations as we can.

Here’s what we do and do not know about access to broadband and waterlines in our county.


What we know: Our county leadership has a good idea of areas that still lack access to broadband.

Where we’re lagging: What we do not have is a good way of sharing with broadband providers that we know for certain people in these areas would like internet and would sign up for their services should they be available.


What we know: Our county leadership has a good idea of areas that lack access to potable water, and we may be able to get a list of people who do not have access from utility districts.

Where we’re lagging: What we do not have is access to the list of people in a central location and confirmation that the individuals on the list would want access to waterlines should it be available.

Who Can Help & How to Help

Project WIN will have the most success when we all work together.

If you are a citizen of Campbell County, you can assist Project WIN by reporting water and internet needs to your county commissioners, other elected officials, and/or utility districts that are helping us. Use the form provided to give your information, or download the form and return it to the county commission office in the courthouse.

If you need access to both internet and water, a separate form is required.

Please note: submission of this form is for information purposes only and does not guarantee access to water or internet as a result of submitting the form.

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Project WIN Presentation

Press play to watch a short video of the presentation of the Project WIN proposal by County Commissioner Zachary Marlow. The presentation includes information about Project WIN, where the county is lagging, and how the project will work.


What is Project WIN?

WIN stands for water internet needs. Project WIN is a formal process of collecting and maintaining information regarding those in our county who do not have access to waterlines and/or internet.

How is information for Project WIN being collected?

Information for Project WIN is being collected via citizens providing information, utility districts reporting known waterline extension needs, count commissioners/elected officials educating constituents and collecting data, and through the media by spreading the word.

How will information for Project WIN be used?

Information for Project WIN will be used to help us identify areas in our county that do not have access to waterlines and/or internet that would like access. This data will also play a vital role in providing information for various grants.

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